Yankees Ticket Hike Hits Hard in Bleachers

Victims of the economy have taken to occupying Zuccotti Park to protest the economic situation, but the bleacher seats in Yankee Stadium might end up unoccupied after the recent ticket hike. The New York Yankees have announced bleacher seats will see an increase in ticket prices. Season ticket prices have risen to $20 per game, [...]

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MVP Madness: Verlander’s Award Sparks Debate

With the Tigers’ Justin Verlander being named the American League’s Most Valuable Player this past week, spirited debate has sprung up throughout the internet and sports media. One of the voting sports writers openly admitted to leaving Verlander off his ballot due to the fact he didn’t play in 79% of his team’s games. Second [...]

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Free Agency: An expensive way to hurt your team

With the annual pursuit of free agents, organizations pull out their wallets and throw heaping amount of cash and years at prospective players. You can hardly blame them either; with the amount of premium talent available for a premium price, it looks as though winning will go to the highest bidder. General Managers have the [...]

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Mr Freese

Mr Freese: St Louis local stays cool under pressure, Holliday cracks like an ice cube

It was St Louis native David Freese who delivered the dramatics for the Cardinals last night, coming up big twice with the game and the season on the line. Despite being a strike away from ending the season, his two run triple tied the game in the ninth inning pushing it to extra innings. In [...]

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Can you hear me now? Dropped call drops Cardinals

If you haven’t heard about the bullpen blunder for the Cardinals during game five, welcome back to the world of media. Television reporters have been discussing it, interviewers have posted the question, and MLB Radio contemplated at length; why did Tony Larussa manage his bullpen in that fashion in game five? Apparently, a disconnect occurred [...]

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